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A university degree creates a strong foundation on which to build your career. Your degree is valid in any country around the world.

At Global Professional Consulting, we understand both the American and Russian educational systems. Our advisors are prepared to assist you in achieving your educational objectives quickly, effectively, and economically.

When you apply for our program, we work closely with you to evaluate your educational background, and assess your needs and goals based on our evaluation of your individual situation. We will assist you in choosing the correct path to follow to achieve your goals and dreams.

When you choose us, our advisors will work with you to assemble all required documentation and complete any necessary applications to see your program through to successful completion.

Message from the President

I would like to personally thank all of our former and prospective students for choosing us and sticking it through to the end. Our company strives to maintain a professional educational atmosphere for all of our students to succeed in. We work hard to ensure all of our students succeed in their personal goals when they come to us. Education is our number one priority, and with time there will be many more doors to enter and choose from when you come to Global Professional Consulting for your personal educational needs.

Irina Kokurina.

Our Philosophy

Your knowledge  and how you apply it is what counts.

•   •   •

Our Mission

Everyone is unique; as such, we work with you, to tailor the best solution for your individual needs and goals.