You are taking SAT, TOEFL, ACT

Successful career starts with good education and members of our Academic team have developed a unique Approach and Methodology that will help you towards that success!

GPC, having our students’ needs and requirements in mind, created the following courses and workshops which are offered either one-on-one, in a group, and/or on-line:

– SAT preparation workshop,  – ACT preparation workshop. 

– PreTOEFL preparation course, – TOEFL preparation course,  – Test taking techniques workshop.

For those who are interested in learning English or would like to upgrade the level of English proficiency, we are offering a number of ESL courses that will help improve English language skills.

– Traditional ESL courses (5 levels), – ESL Conversational courses, – Business English Course, – Accent Reduction Course,  – Full Emersion English Language Course.

ESL for Special Purposes courses:

– English for Medical Office workers, – English for Pilots and Flight Attendants, – English for Uber Drivers/Taxi Drivers, – English for Dental Assistants.

The courses are conducted at our prime location in the heart of Manhattan. Class size varies from 7 to 12 students, or one-on-one tutoring to those who would request this service.

For our overseas students, courses are offered over skype at the time convenient for them.

Use Your Time Wisely!!!