Educational Reimbursement benefits – use them!

As always, Global Professional Consulting would like to share information with you that can assist you in achieving your career goals:

  • Companies (hospitals, home care agencies, skilled nursing facilities, etc) put in extra efforts to retain their personnel during these difficult times. The healthcare job market is growing more rapidly than ever!
  • More and more companies started to provide educational reimbursement for their employees, even the companies that historically never did it.

GPC urges you to contact your Human Resources and request information about educational reimbursement!

More of our current students get reimbursed for their studies at Tenopil National Medical University

For our future students, we would like to remind you that GPC is currently registering students into a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing and Master of Science Degree in Nursing Program for the Winter 2021 semester

Completion of the Masters of Science in Nursing degree program will move you forward with a career as Certified Nurse Practitioner!

If education reimbursement is available to you, don’t leave them on the table! Use them to further your career!

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