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GPC is Currently Offering PhD in Nursing Program.

What do you do with a PhD in Nursing? Whatever you want! There are PhD-prepared nurses who teach, conduct research, evaluate programs, write books, lead health care organizations and work for the government.

With a doctoral degree, the sky is the limit.

At the doctoral level, nursing is less about hands-on patient care and more about the abstract thinking that helps move the profession forward.

 Typical job titles for PhD in Nursing graduates include Nursing faculty member, director of clinical services and director of nursing research.

Nursing faculty member—A nurse educator who works in an AS, BSN, MSN or PhD program as a classroom instructor. Nurse faculty members are also responsible for creating, implementing and evaluating program curricula and mentoring nursing students.

Director of nursing research—a nurse researcher who serves as administrator of the nursing research department of a health care facility or coordinator of the facility’s nursing research program. The director of nursing research is typically the go-to person within the facility for questions regarding the design and implementation of a desired research study.

Director of clinical services—a clinical administrator who oversees daily operations of patient care departments in a health care facility. He or she is the liaison between upper management and department managers. Although the director is not involved in direct patient care, he or she is aware of the work flows in each department that promote optimal patient care.

Other jobs available to PhD-prepared nurses include

  • research or high-ranking administrative positions in pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, health advocacy organizations,
  • health care information technology corporations,
  • nursing or other health-related publishing companies.

A nurse who has attained a PhD can practically work anywhere that research, education, or program evaluation takes place.

How is PhD in Nursing different from   Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse practitioner is a clinical career or job title, while a doctor of philosophy in nursing (Ph.D.) is a research-focused advanced degree.

PhD in Nursing can be done 100% on-line at TNMU while Nurse Practitioner certification should be completed on campus in one of the USA colleges or the Universities.

Please give us a call you are interested and we will discuss further.

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