You immigrated to the United States.

We firmly believe that everybody deserves a fair chance at success. Some of us need a little guidance in making decisions to get us to where we want to be. Consulting with us opens new doors and opportunities flow in.

Whether it’s getting started with school or getting back into it, to using an earned foreign degree to try and start your career, we have answers and options for you to choose from.

Making the decision to further your education and career is the first step. Coming to us for further guidance is the second step. Before you know it you will be on your way to the future you dreamed of.

We offer additional services that help you attain an apostille that was either lost or never attained for your diploma. Through the Ministry of Education in Russia, Uzbekistan, and the Ukraine we work within the process to grant you the apostille for your diploma that you search for.

Some universities and colleges require a diploma with an apostille to transfer in your degree, and you might have lost it or never received one. We are here for these reasons. Contact us if you fall under this situation and we will take care of you.