You study in the USA and wish to save money and graduate sooner.

It’s no secret, the first two years of college, students are required to take basic and prerequisite courses.  This can be very consuming of time and money.

Once you know which courses you need, you can take on-line courses from other institutions, even while you are completing on-campus coursework, and earn necessary credits faster and cheaper.

We can assist you with enrollment into a number of on-line classes from prestigious Ukrainian state universities. Your classes will be held in English, and because they fulfill standard educational requirements, they will be easily transferable.

You can take as many courses as you need. Whether basic liberal arts courses, or prerequisites for your major’s curriculum.

We understand that time is precious in today’s society, by completing your degree faster you can quickly enter the workforce and get started with your career.

If you can handle a little extra work load then maybe this option is for you. Saving a year or more off of your degree’s time frame is worth the extra work.